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Established 2008

Rebel Fitness Squamish

​"Fitness is living with physical, spiritual, emotional integrity, searching for genetic potential and embracing community support."

Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor

Our Gym 

We have evolved from a mobile personal training business to a strength and conditioning gym over the past 16 years. 

With years of experience training clients of all ages and experience levels, we have built a gym with a unique personalized experience in a small group environment at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training. ​


Every member at Rebel Fitness has a coach.  Someone to keep them on track, guide them during workouts and help them with long term success. Nutrition, sleep and stress all need to be managed along with exercise and recovery to ensure your body is working to its desired potential.



Our gym membership is diverse; it includes full-time parents, business professionals, retired grandparents, recreational and professional athletes. Our community is made up of people looking for the same thing; A healthier and more vital life. Every single member at Rebel Fitness supports each other’s aspirations in and outside the gym

Rebel is a place where you are accepted and supported with encouragement and knowledge. 


Our programming is designed to be progressive and aligned with individual goals. If a movement or concept in the programming doesn’t support what you want to accomplish it’s important we adjust and tailor it so that it does

Our goal is to help you move better. We train and teach movement – movement that lets people enjoy whatever they do, whether its sports, playing with your kids, cleaning out the garage, chopping wood or shoveling the driveway.  The better we move, the better we live.

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Committing to something new and being consistent can be challenging. Whether that is school, a new relationship or health and fitness. 

Our coaches will help you stay consistent and will keep you committed to your fitness goals. 

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